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Holistic MBA Live is a 3-day event that brings together holistic entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a living while making a difference.

This is not just an event, this is a journey, an opportunity to bust through fears, come alive with your unique gifts, and step into your spotlight with the right "how to" steps & high level relationships that give you more time, money, freedom, & fun.

In the past 3 years, we've helped over 6,000 health and personal development coaches just like you fill their bag of tricks with the best tools, scripts, strategies, and techniques for finding clients, closing the deal, and coaching with confidence.

Our trainings have been called the most effective business training for holistic entrepreneurs in the world. Why? Because we have more money-making graduates than any other school or program.

This means that people are definitely looking for and more importantly, buying more and more holistic programs and services. They want to change, to transform, to be uplifted, to be supported, and to be inspired!

The world needs your unique VOICE. It needs new inspiration, new teachers and new ways to facilitate change and transformation. The world needs innovative holistic practitioner LEADERS who can show the world how to make healthy living sustainable, easy, and fun!

There is ENORMOUS opportunity for you to be paid generously to facilitate this transformation.

  • They don't know where to find clients or how to start a business.

  • They don't know how to talk about what they do in a compelling way.

  • They don't feel confident in their ability to get results (which puts them in an ethical dilemma when asking for money).

  • They give away WAY (and we mean WAY) too much information, which overwhelms the prospective client.

  • They don't know how to handle client objections such as "I can't afford your program" or "I don't have the time".

  • The fraud factor: they haven't healed all their own health challenges yet so they feel incongruent promising results

  • They haven't made friends with money. A part of them thinks that its greedy to charge or that spirituality and money don't mix.

  • They question their own value - so everyone else does too.

  • They get stuck in a rut of comparing and despairing themselves to others and completely missing their own unique genius!

There will only ever be one of you on the planet. You are completely unique. Sometimes it's hard to see this for ourselves. It's not about being perfect, it's about being willing to look at your own stuff and learn from it.

Being an entrepreneur is the greatest personal growth adventure ever! This is an opportunity to get paid to be you. That's why its so important to get off your computer and get with community. Isn't it time to be seen and let loose your creative Genius?

To help you step into your spotlight and create your dream business we’ll be sharing:

  • Our “work less, make more” business models for holistic entrepreneurs whether you are just starting out or want to go to 6-figures and beyond

  • How to communicate what you offer so you attract your ideal clients with ease

  • The wealth mindset you MUST have to attract and keep clients

  • How to find DREAM clients who will happily pay for your services no matter where you live

  • How to create and structure your coaching programs to create transformational EXPERIENCES (not just loads of advice) that will keep your clients coming back

  • The EXACT steps to take to create your first, or next, $5,000

  • Advanced transformational coaching skills that will help you facilitate true, lasting change in your clients (this means repeat clients and more referrals for you!)

"I had so many Aha's! I would have to say one of the biggest I am taking away is the importance of having a mentor/coach (for me more specifically Carey & Stacey) during this process. Look for someone who has what you want and work with that person.

Carey & Stacey have a Mission that I wholeheartedly believe in! Not only are they helping people grow their business, they are transforming their lives on very deep personal levels. They have a goal to transform the lives of millions of others. They do it all with fun, lots of love, connection, and community. I definitely want THAT !!!! Thank you both for a wonderful, inspiring, AMAZING, heartfelt, information packed event."

Love & Grace,
Analisa Rustein
Certified Holistic Health Coach

"I CANNOT imagine where I'd be if I hadn't gone to HMBA Live. I learned so much from Carey & Stacey and was so inspired all weekend about my future but I had my BIGGEST, MAJOR, POWERFUL AHA moment on day three… It hit me that I was ignoring something that was important to me everyday, that was a HUGE component to my health and wellness journey, something I was so knowledgeable about and truly LOVED-and was already sharing with my clients but in a SMALL way.

Stacey & Carey helped me let go of all of those unconscious blocks and then I was free to create a program where I was fully expressed (with my pure fashion love and glamourous tendencies) to then help my clients be fully expressed on their journey to loving and really enjoying taking care of their precious bodies. I re-wrote my $100,000 into a $200,000 business plan for next year and I am ready to take the holistic world by storm! Thank you so much Holistic MBA LIVE! Love everyone for their support, STRETCHING and amazing energy!"

Lynan Saperstein
LifeSTYLE, Nutrition and Wellness Coach

"I go to plenty of live events. And I choose carefully which events I believe will be worth my time to attend. HMBA LIVE was a standout event – a truly transformative experience. I learned so much from Stacey and Carey as well as the other participants.

What's more is that I came to terms with issues that I didn't even realize were issues. My heartfelt thanks to Stacey, Carey and all the friends that I met at the event and in the Step Into Your Spotlight program.

If you're ready to break down the barriers that keep you from being who you want to be in the world and earning what you want to earn from your business, then don't miss the next HMBA LIVE in May!"

Nina Price
Licensed Acupuncturist,
Author & Radio Show Host

We would have killed to get our hands on these Done-For-You materials when we were first starting out...these are the materials we use all the time (and our clients use), so we KNOW they work.

These materials will save you HOURS of guesswork, and they are handily packaged in a sleek workbook so you have everything in one place, and can reference it again and again.

This is your opportunity to wear that one dress you love or that piece of jewelry you love but never have an occasion to wear. Perhaps it's a bit too "flamboyant", "fancy," or "extravagant."

This is a play in radical self-expression plus a booty shakn' playlist, virgin coconut water, our signature cocktails, and healthy nibbles. Networking at its finest.

Carey will walk you through the process of clearing out the clutter in your business and life so you can make room for new ideas, connections, trainings, income, and clients. This is the perfect pre-cursor to HMBA Live. You'll receive all the call details once you reserve your seat (the recording will be available if you can’t attend).

We're delivering more real-world strategies in this course than most $15,000 business coaching seminars do. The strategies you'll learn at HMBA Live will make you incredible money -- many of our current clients started from scratch and are now earning $100,000+ in the holistic health and wellness industry, and the value you'll experience over time can completely change the course of your business – and your life. Not to mention the delicious feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, confidence, and EMPOWERMENT you'll feel when you're creating a great living doing what you love.

Did you know you can bring a friend to HMBA Live for $50? That means you can pretty much split the ticket investment with someone else – bring your brother, your spouse, your business partner, a colleague or BFF. You'll receive your bring-a-friend link to share with that special someone within a week of registering.

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